Hi, I'm David J. Clarke

I design and develop professional websites.


Hi there!

After 4 years of computer science education and over 6 years of experience working for software and internet companies, I remain wildly enthusiastic for creating things digitally. I would love to work for a company with a great team as a Front-End Designer/Developer.

My background is programming mixed with a flair for graphic design. I am passionate about keeping up to date with the latest web design trends. I love the web and want it to be beautiful and functional.

I am constantly learning new things and I'm really excited at the prospect of being a part of a great team that feels as passionate about the web as I do!


Semantic HTML

I've been coding web sites since GeoCities. I strive to code semantic HTML whenever possible. It's quickly becoming the best practice in the industry, and with good reason. It especially helps to enable Responsive Web Design!

Responsive CSS

I'm always on the look out for new CSS Tricks to add to my repitoire. Media Queries are perhaps the most important CSS development in recent memory. They allow us to create a single code base that can cater to as many screen sizes as possible: this is definitely the future of web design!


I love creating things digitally! I've been using Adobe Photoshop since 2001 and it's an essential tool in my arsenal. I'm also pretty decent with Illustrator, and can create things with Flash in a pinch.

I am proficient with both Windows and Mac OS and I tend to code using Sublime Text, but have also crossed paths with Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Eclipse.


Working with Brands

In the past I've worked a great deal with a lot of different corporate brands including: Rogers, VISA, MasterCard, Dell, Samsung, Hallmark to name a few. I've created many web portals for loyalty promotions on behalf of these companies. Here are few of those portals where I was able to work with existing branding while using some Responsive Web Design techniques. (These samples are non-functional)

BioShock Merch

Here's a little site I coded on a whim just as a small portfolio piece. I'm a big fan of video games and BioShock in particular, so I guess this is a small fan page to show off some of my web knowledge. Like this page, it features HTML5, CSS3, and a responsive layout using a fluid grid, web fonts and a css reset.

Just For Funsies

BioShock Merch

Print Design

Sometimes my digital creations end up taking on physical form! Here are a few samples of that! The first is a magazine ad that I made for the 5th Annual Gift & Prepaid Retreat; it was printed in Payments Business. The second is a deck of cards that I designed for Wyrd Miniatures, which is currently available for purchase worldwide. The third sample illustrates creativity spilling over into my personal life. It's my 29th birthday party where we had a Milk & Cookies theme.



The internet never stands still – it constantly evolves. Keeping pace is a matter of executing ideas quickly and with style; and that's my passion!

The bottom line is that I'm a sharp, motivated, hardworking guy with a passion for creating great looking web sites.

Hire me and you won't regret it!

» davidjclarke@gmail.com «